Talks & Publications 2002

Talks 2002

SAMBA Konferenz 2002, Triest, Italy
"Silicon Detectors with integrated Electronics for X-ray Spectroscopy"
Peter Lechner
EDXRS 2002, Berlin, Germany
"Novel High Resolution Silicon Drift Detector"
Andreas Pahlke
SPIE Konferenz 2002, Hawaii, USA
"Active Pixel Sensors for Imaging X-Ray Spectrometers"
Peter Holl
IWoRID 2002, Amsterdam, Netherlands
"X-ray imaging spectrometers in present and future satellite missions"
Peter Lechner
9th European Symposium on Semiconductor Radiation Detectors 2002, Schloss Elmau, Germany
"New High Resolution Silicon Drift Detector SD3"
Heike Soltau
9th European Symposium on Semiconductor Radiation Detectors 2002, Schloss Elmau, Germany
"DEPFET based Active Pixel Sensors for X-ray Astronomy and High-Energy Physics"
Peter Lechner
15th ICEM 2002, Durban, South Africa
"New High Resolution SDDs for EDX and XRF"
Heike Soltau


Publications 2002

Class separation and parameter estimation with neutral networks for the XEUS
wide field imager
NIM A 2002, Vol. 502, Issues 2-3, pp. 507-510
J. Zimmermann, C. Kiesling, P. Holl
A New XRF Spectrometer Based on a Ring-Shaped Multi-Element Silicon
Drift Detector and on X-ray Capillary Optics
IEEE TNS 2002, Vol. 49, No. 3, pp. 1001 - 1005
Longoni A., Fiorini C., Guazzoni Ch., Gianoncelli A., Strüder L., Soltau H., Lechner P., Bjeoumikhov A., Schmalz J., Langhoff N., Wedell R.
A Monolithic Array of Silicon Drift Detectors for High-Resolution Gamma-Ray Imaging
IEEE TNS 2002, Vol. 49, No. 3, pp. 995 - 1000
Fiorini C., Longoni A., Perotti F., Labanti C., Rossi E., Lechner P., Soltau H., Strüder L.
Test measurements with a pn-CCD Detector: a Position Sensitive 2d-Detector
with Energy Resolution
DESY Jahresbericht 2002
G. Goerik, H. Gorke, R. Hartmann, L. Strüder, D. Hamann, K. Zwoll
Imaging Sepctrometers for Future X-ray Missions
Proceedings of SPIE, 2002, Vol. 4497, pp. 41-49
Strüder L., ... Hartmann R., Holl P., Lechner P., Soltau H., Lutz G., et al.
High Speed, Large Format X-ray CCDs for ESA´s XEUS Mission
Proceedings of SPIE, Vol. 4497, 2002, pp. 61-69
Strüder L., Soltau H., ... Eckhardt R., Hartmann R., Holl P., Lutz G., et al.
DEPFET - a pixel device with integrated amplification
NIM A 2002, Vol. 477, pp. 129-136
W. Neeser, ... P. Holl, G. Lutz, L. Strüder, et al.
A Novel Integrating Solid State Detector with Segmentation for Scanning
Transmission Soft X-ray Microscopy
Proceedings of SPIE, Vol. 4499, 2002, pp. 117-125
M. Feser, C. Jacobsen, P. Rehak, G. DeGeronimo, P. Holl, L. Strüder