The main field of application for our detectors is the measurement of X-rays in high energy physics, astrophysics and material analysis.

To be able to fulfill this objective with high quantum efficiency detectors are needed with a large sensitive thickness - in optimum case using the full extension of the silicon starting material. Using high ohmic material the silicon can be fully depleted over this distance with moderate voltages especially if a double sided process is used - with the electronics on one side, and the radiation entrance window on the other side. Moreover by this scheme a homogenous radiation entrance window is achieved either optimized for a thin dead layer or for the implementation of antireflecting coating layers.

Optimum spectroscopic results require a good signal to noise ratio. As leakage current and noise is highly correlated our detectors are fabricated in an ultrapure process with cleanest materials in a clean room area of class 1-10.

Over the past 12 years PNSensor has optimized a dedicated detector fabrication process which is now used in many research labs. It has also been implemented in the new state-of-the-art fab for high reliability and high quality detectors with integrated electronics, which PNSensor has established together with other research institutions and industrial partners.