There are many new ideas for special detector concepts at PNSensor as well as at the MPI-semiconductor laboratory. In order to fulfil the requirements of these detectors there has to be continuous advance in process technology. Our engineers ensure this development at the laboratory. For instance there is the Active Pixel Detector to be developed for the XEUS-mission. Four conductive layers are needed in the production of the detector, instead of one for a standard chip. The first two layers are realised in poly-silicon with multilayer dielectrics for best interlayer insulation. Here, research in poly-silicon technology was done (techniques of deposition, etching, and insulation). The next layers are realised in aluminium. The problem of interlayer insulation was solved without new materials in order not to decrease the cleanliness and performance of our detectors.

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For the near future the research is focused on the optimization of the insulation between the metal layers by the implementation of new deposition technics. A single-sided deposition is investigated, that can simplify the processing of the back side.



Technology Development